Thursday, August 28, 2008

Buy Stop Signs from Stop Sign Experts

Looking to buy a stop sign? At, we offer high quality stop signs which are bright and hence can be seen from a distance. We have a complete array of stop signs for schools, hospitals, apartment complexes, office parking lots, warehouses, etc. Our signs comply with MUTCD standards which mean they are retro reflective and show the same shape and similar color during day and night. Our sign boards are made of Engineer Grade or High Intensity Diamond Grade sheeting which offers greater flexibility and strength. Stop signs can be effectively deployed at parking lots, street sides, public highways, or roadsides.

Different types of Stop Signs @
  • Message Stop Sign: These stop signs can be used to convey a particular message to drivers and pedestrians. The message stop signs are basically alert signs and are best suited for security checks. These are heavy duty, robust, durable and rust free signs which are made from 3M reflective film or aluminum.

  • Custom Stop Sign: You can get your stop sign customized from us. We allow you to specify your text on the sign boards. Also you can choose required material depending upon your requirements where you want to install the stop sign. Some of the options include Engineer Grade high intensity reflective sign or a diamond grade reflective stop sign.

  • Stop Instructional Sign: These stop signs can be used to convey some important traffic instructions. These can be used in addition to ordinary stop sign or a message stop sign. You can place them in high accident or traffic prone areas. Choose a diamond grade reflective stop sign which is easily visible with headlights during nights or bad weather conditions.

  • Stop Ahead Sign: These stop signs are installed on roadsides for better safety. These signs alert the drivers in advance about the upcoming diversions, hidden intersections, etc. that can prevent accidents. For low light conditions, these are very effective to keep out large traffic as some of them have pointer arrows along with the stop message.
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